5 reasons why you should deep condition

5 reasons why you should deep condition

We are pretty much living in the future and there are still a lot of naturals who may not understand the importance of deep conditioning. If you are one of those natural fear not hopefully by the end of this post you will have more knowledge about the value of deep conditioning 

So imagine taking a shower, washing all the dirt using a very good soap or shower gel then after you pat yourself dry you don't follow up with some lotion. Your skin starts to feel tight, look ashy and dry right? Well thats similar to what happens to your hair when you shampoo then dont follow up with a conditioner.

Deep conditioner goes a step further than just conditioning your hair. Deep conditioners are formulated to strengthen, moisturize, repair and restore your hair. These are not just fancy words  brands use. These products are meant to help you solve a critical problem with your hair. So let's see some of the key reasons why you should be deep conditioning 

1. When your hair is breaking.  If your hair is constantly breaking it may be a sign to add protein treatments to your hair routine. Protein treatments strengthen your hair so that your hair doesn't easily break when it is manipulated

2. When your hair feels dry and straw like. This may be a sign to start using a moisturizing conditioner. This hydrates your hair so that it isn't dry and brittle

3. When your hair is stagnant and doesn't seem to be growing.  This maybe a sign that your hair is lacking some nutrients that are limiting growth. Using a deep conditioner can help restore these nutrients

4. When you have color treated hair. Color treated hair is often fragile meaning it needs extra strength so that it doesn't break. Protein treatments help to strengthen your hair

5. If you use a lot of heat on your hair.  If you straighten your hair often you definitely need to deep conditioner regularly. This can help save you from heat damage

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