Our story


We are Manetain Organics, a haircare company based out of Zimbabwe that manufactures products for afro textured hair using indigenous raw materials sourced from local communities and in other parts of Africa. We make use of indigenous ingredients that are beneficial for the hair as well as supportive to the local community. We pride ourselves in being one of the top organic hair care producers in the country.

Established in 2017 Manetain introduced a unique solution for the healthy treatment of afro textured hair onto the local market. We have since grown to create a brand that Zimbabwean women and African women across the continent and the world over can identify with. Our packaging and brand aesthetic are geared towards celebrating Africa. When you touch it, see it, smell it you know you are holding Africa in your hands.

We source raw materials from women in the lowveld of Zimbabwe which are the driest areas of the country with erratic rainfall averaging 500-600. An average family of five survive on $30 a month from casual jobs such as thatching, chopping timber and small scale mining. Ironically these area also have some of the largest population of indigenous Baobab trees and Marula tree which produce oils and butters used in our value chain. We offer women in this area an alternative source of income by providing us with nuts from trees such as Marula and baobab which are processed to produce butters and oil in our production.