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Pure Marula oil 100ml

Pure Marula oil 100ml

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Marula oil 'the miracle oil' has the highest levels of antioxidants than any other oil known to date. Our Marula oil is harvested from wild growing trees in the heart of Zimbabwe. It is rich in fatty acids that help regenerate hair follicle cells, deep penetrate the hair shaft and work well to soften your hair making it more manageable. Marula oil is also rich in omega 6 and 9 which absorbs easily leaving your skin feeling soft nourished and supple. It works to heal dark marks and Its antimicrobial properties work to prevent acne.

For Hair After washing your hair while it is still damp apply a generous amount of oil to hair starting with the ends working your way to the roots. Massage oil into hair and style as preferred. For scalp care, apply a generous amount directly to scalp and massage gently.

For Skin
After cleansing your face while your skin is still damp apply a few drops of oil to your hands and massage into your face gently.

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